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Febendazol Jeringa
Antiparasitic internal
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Febendazol Double LTF. Febendazol low comparative toxicity allows an oat-flavored palatable extra concentration that guarantees effective dosification.


Each 40 g syringe contains:

Febendazol      6 g
Trichlorfon     14 g
Excipient q.s. 40 g

Broad spectrum dewormer, indicated for the control and treatment of equine lung nematodes, gastrointestinal parasites, cestodes and myasis.


8 grams each 100 kg weight.
Do not administer in mares during the last third of gestation or foals less than 4 months old.

IVERQUANTEL LTF and FEBENDAZOL DOUBLE LTF have been designed to be alternated and respectively complemented. Its strict manufacturing process guarantees the titer indicated on the formula, thus avoiding subdosification

Presentation: Syringe
Action: Antiparasitic internal
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