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Antiparasitic internal
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Composition: Pyrantel Pamoate 41.53 g, Metrifonate 43.48 g, Excipient q.s 100 g

Therapeutic action: Equine endoparasiticide. Its action takes place in eggs, larvas and adults, of: a- NEMATODES: roundworms; Strongyli vulgaris, equinus, edentatus; small Strongyli; Oxyuris equi (pinworms). b- CESTODES (taperwoms): Anaplocephala sp.
PARONTHEL-E is the only antiparasiticide that acts against equine taperworms. c- GASTROPHILUS: PARONTHEL-E paste eliminates this parasitic, because it contains a highly effective ingredient called metrifonate, the best against " bots."

Use: Horses

Presentation: Athermic filling containing one syringe with 2 doses for 500 b.w (1000 kg total).

Presentation: x 2 doses
Action: Antiparasitic internal
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