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Puron VT pour on
External Antiparasitic
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Concentration of Cypermethrin 20 % superior to many products of the competence. Low toxicity, without phosphor.

Category: Wormers.
Suited for: Horses. Pigs. Livestock. Dairy cattle.

Concentration of Cypermethrin 20 % superior to many products of the competence.
Excellent local and general tolerance.
Low toxicity, without phosphor.
Excellent benefit-cost ratio.


External antiparasitic agent containing Cypermethrin 6 %, in an oily medium, pour-on application, with fly killer, delouser and insecticide action, for use with cattle, pigs, sheep and horses.


Component Quantity
Cypermethrin gr.
Formulation agents q.s. 100 ml.


Used for the treatment of infestations produced by sucking lice: Haematopinus sp., chewing lice: Bovicola sp., and as preventive treatment of the discomfort caused by dipterans: horn flies (Haematobia irritans susceptible to pyrethroids), mosquitoes and horseflies. For cattle, sheep, pigs and horses.It can be applied in pregnant females, young or weak animals.Its pharmacological action, only locally, allows to apply it together with other treatments (vaccines, internal antiparasitic agents, etc.).

Route of administration

Cattle, sheep and pigs: apply PURON VT using the 1 l container dosifier or a measuring syringe, pouring the indicated dose of product over the animal's back, from the withers to the rump.

In sheep with very long wool, open the fleece and apply the product on the skin..

In horses, avoid applying on areas that are in contact with saddle and harnesses.


Except otherwise prescribed by vet, administer:

Animal Suggested dosage
Cattle Lice: 10 ml. Horn flies: (10 ml per 100 kg live weight) (maximum dose: 40 ml)
Pigs Lice: 5 ml
Sheep Lice: 5 ml
Horses 20 ml
The vet's opinion will determine the repetition of the treatment, varying according to weather conditions, season of the year, degree of infestation, etc.

Precautions and contraindications

Handle with care. Use gloves and appropriate clothing that avoid contact with skin or mucosa.
Do not smoke, drink or eat during treatment.
Do not take internally.
Keep away from food, of reach of children and pets.
Destroy used containers.
Rinse with soap and water and change clothes in case of accidental contamination.
Avoid contaminating water flows: rivers, streams, lakes, lagoons, since the active principle is toxic for fish.

Use restrictions

Meat of animals treated with this product shall not be used for human consumption until 2 days of treatment have elapsed.
Do not use milk for human consumption or dairy industry until 6 hours have elapsed from end of treatment.


1 L. dosifier jerrycan

Presentation: x 1 L.
Action: External Antiparasitic
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