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Distempex vir
Antibiótico Antiséptico Broncodilatador
(Código: 0003-0069)

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Specific Antitussive Antivirosic for equines

Benefits: DISTEMPEX - VIR Suppository makes total therapy of virobacterial affections of respiratory track because of its potent viricidal, bactericide, bronchodilator, antittusive, and anti-inflammatory action, producing aquick and complete recuperation of the animal. DISTEMPEX - VIR Suppository has an special excipient which eases the regulated absorption of its components while it is dissolving, without neither producing irritation of the rectal mucous nor exciting the evacuant reflex. Color of suppositories is due to the addition of ultra activated coke, which protects drugs from the alterating action of light, so keeping for more time medicine activity, at the same time it frees rectal mucous of all irritative action.

Indications: Horse distemper, cough, coriza, and all virosic and bacterial bronchopulmonary diseases. Influenza.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology: 1 suppository each 8 hours until the affetion ceases according to the indication of the veterinary doctor..

Presentation: Box of 12 suppositories in individual plastic mold.

Formula: 4 Morpholine carboximidoylguannide hydrochloride 600mg, Butethamate citrate 100mg, Camphor 50mg, Dipyrone 1000mg, Eucalyptol 100mg, Glyceryl Guaiacyl Ether 500mg, Vitamin A 60000 IU, Vitamin C 600mg, Excipients q s.

Envase: x 12 supos.
Ação: Antibiótico
Ação: Antiséptico
Ação: Broncodilatador
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